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Welcome to the new 2014-2015 school year at the PES media center!
My name is Susan Toole and this is my second year at this school.  I have been an educator for almost 20 years.  I love to work with children and foster a love of reading and a desire to learn.

This year, your children will be allowed to select 3 books every week and may come in during our OPEN times to return and choose new books.  We want our students reading during every spare moment and enjoy doing it.  Please encourage your children to read, read, read.
We are also stressing the research process and presentation skills.  Your children will be utilizing technology and all forms of informational text media in order to expand and apply their knowledge base. Here at the PES Media Center we approach learning in a very hands-on student-centered manner.  The students are thoroughly enjoying not only learning but learning to love learning!