Pageland Elementary School

Author Thrills Student

      As part of a literature circle assignment, Landon Withers was reading Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen. He was so delighted with the book and the author, he decided to write a letter to the author. In his letter, he told Mr. Paulsen how much he was enjoying reading Lawn Boy and asked if he had written any other books like Lawn Boy. He praised the author for a well-written book and also asked him to send his autograph. His teacher, Mrs. Hedgpath, provided Landon with an envelope and the author’s address. To Landon’s delight, a few weeks later, he received a copy of Lawn Boy and Lawn Boy Returns in the mail with a thank you and the author’s signature. Landon was over-joyed to have heard from the author and immediately brought his special gift to school to share his excitement with his classmates and school.